Coronavirus Outbreak Assistance Program

For assistance by telephone, dial 250-449-1439​

For assistance online, use the form below.


This program is to request or offer essential items that may be hard to find, or that you are unable to obtain because you are self-quarantining. This service is available to anyone living in the boundary region.

How does it work?


If you need something that you cannot obtain because the stores are sold out, or because you are self-quarantining, use the form below to detail what you need. Someone will contact you once we have been able to find what you need and arrange to drop it off at your door. You do not need to pay for it or make any close contact with the person dropping it off.

If you have extra of something that you are willing to give to someone else, use the form below to indicate what you have. Someone will contact you once we have found a person in need of what you have and arrange to collect it from you.

If you simply need an errand ran because you are self-quarantining, please describe it below and we will work to find a solution.

Select all items that apply